Sunday, 15 September 2013

End of the World's

Ah, I had the best theatre experience with this... I was in the nice Empire theatre... and there was no-one else there! Perfect movie watching! And this was a perfect movie!

Because he never grew up, Gary King wants to return to Newton Haven and complete the drinking quest he never managed to do, a 12 pub crawl. And he takes his mates along with him, who are less interested in reliving the past, but, hey, it's at least a chance to get back together and chat. And that's going well, maudlin tales are told, laughs are had, and people are revealed to be from another world. But that's no reason to not get the next round in!

This is a great movie. Even before the weird stuff starts happening, the movie draws you in. You know it's coming, but with these characters you are happy to spend time with them, because if it is one thing Wright and Pegg have shown, it's that they know how to give you characters worth watching. And then the weirdness happens, and it is so well done, from an effects point of view. The story is... a little dumb at that point, aside from when it is about them and not about what's happened to the town. And that ending... 'climax' wouldn't be the first word I would go for...

Still, I enjoyed it. Great to see some of them actors back again, of course (and now I want to rewatch Hot Fuzz), and, hey, Pierce Brosnan! Win! If you've seen the other movies, you need to see this. And even if you haven't, you need to see this anyway. And, Sisters of Mercy, sing us out:


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