Saturday, 14 September 2013


What do you do when the pilot for your new series fails to secure the series? Release it as a TV movie! That, then, ends on a cliff hanger that assumes a series to follow so doesn't have a satisfying conclusion.

A guy blows up New York. So, to fix this, the good guys use a 'random time window' to go back into the past to change events so that this doesn't happen. Quick, no-one mention fixing 9/11 or anything else!

On one hand, they are trying to get time travel a bit more sensible that other shows. They worry about how they change the past, want to make sure they don't create ripples, and even have a last resort measure in case they get trapped. On the other hand, they have a computer that can work out new histories for any situation, and every document from history seems to have been scanned in and easily searchable...

The basic premise is interesting enough. This random time window (a by product of a super collider) is clearly going to be incredibly plot convenient, and just happen to go somewhere close enough. And the ending hints that the random nature isn't as random as some people think. Fortunately the people doing the changing are protected by a 'distortion field' from the impacts, and we are probably to assume that they know best about the time line, so there is potential there. And, of course, there's hints of the inevitable love conflict/triangle, because the main guy is just that hunk of a man that all women want him.

But it will never be. Unless it suddenly gets a greenlight. But with so any other shows around, I'm not seeing this making a return. In a way, that's a shame, but here's hoping for other time travel shows...


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