Monday, 16 September 2013

Redder than before

It's like Expendables for old action stars (as opposed to really old action stars)! And you might even recognise some of them!

Remember Frank and Marvin? No? How about Bruce and John? Yeah, there you go. And now Bruce has a new love interest, and they all get mixed up in some old plot resurfacing that has them going on the run, AS EVERY ACTION MOVIE HAS EVENTUALLY, USUALLY AS THE SECOND MOVIE. They go around various part of the world, bringing back some previous characters, bringing in some stars you might know and otherwise...

...being low key and kinda boring. Not that this is a bad movie, but it has a serious case of 'meh'. From what I remember of the original, it was fun, and certainly had big action set pieces. This movie just goes along, has some banter between characters, the set pieces are painfully isolated from any sense of the actual plot, 'hey it's been a while, action time, now back to the story', and the story itself is just dull. They try some twists, but since this movie didn't engage me, I failed to care when various people changed sides.

This movie really seemed to play more on 'hey, it's Bruce Willis' or 'John Malkovich' or 'Catherine Zeta-Jones' or... any of the other stars, rather than 'hey, here's a character we can invest in and really care about their story'. While it isn't G I Joe 2 levels of sequel let down, it definitely didn't try anything interesting.

So, only watch it if you want to see those people, otherwise... meh.


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