Tuesday, 10 September 2013

OSW: Jekyll (2007)

Before Steven Moffat took over Doctor Who. Before he and Mark Gatiss did Sherlock. And while those are great series, we are still left with the brilliant one season of the series Jekyll. This is a complete retake on the Jekyll and Hyde story, updated to modern day, and stars James Nesbitt and Gina Bellman. (This is main reason that James Nesbitt was suggested as a possible Doctor, assuming Moffat wrote series for later actors, much as RTD did... and James Nesbitt would be a fantastic Doctor!)

This is a completely different take, but a marvellous one. Each episode, and there are only six, draws you in, makes you wonder what is going on, and gives such a delicious air of menace to the unfolding tale. This is one of those series that as soon as you watch one episode, you immediately want the next one, you demand to know what happens next. And, for me at least, I could never tell what was coming next. Several of the twists I completely never saw coming, and this is where Moffat's storytelling comes to the fore.

While Moffat has gone on to other things, and those are good things... there is so much here he could do more with! He set up a great universe, but now we'll never know what happens next. There looks to be a second series written, but it might be too late for that now. But maybe that might escape into the net one day?


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