Sunday, 6 October 2013

A Filum with Him in it

I picked this up because it looked like an interesting wee black comedy movie. And having Dylan Moran in it didn't hurt.

Two non-working men are slowly living degrading lives... and then one day some bad things happen. Like deaths. Not their fault, but there are deaths. And then they have to deal with that... Unfortunately, it takes half the movie to get to the point of the premise of the movie, and in that first half the movie is very slow. Or 'character building' if you want to be nice. But when everything points to 'hey, there are deaths they have to deal with', you want to get on with it, because that's what you came to see!

Dylan is his usual acerbic self (I need to watch Black Books again... and Spaced), and other stars are the writer and his friends. And it's shot at the writer's flat. So... low budget, but it still works (the big effects being the death make ups).

The extra features are a Q&A Session with Dylan, in which he can't really answer the questions because he was just an actor, not the writer nor director. A behind the scenes featurette which serves as a better trailer than the actual trailer (which is also on here) which, once you've seen the movie, you wouldn't advise people to watch.

Half of it was good, but I can't see me watching this again.


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