Saturday, 5 October 2013

Age of Ughtron

If you are on the internet, then you would have seen the huge spoiler filled trailer for the Age of Ultron movie:

...I'm just going to go ahead and say it: Ultron looks goofy. His open mouth looks like a bird beak, and those stupid wings on the side of his head aren't impressing anyone. His big deal is that he is an AI that hates humanity and wants to destroy it... so? That makes him just like all those other villains, with an easy reason for beating him up (robot!) and for him coming back (robot!).

To help prepare for this, I read the Age of Ultron 10 book series... and it's rubbish. While we, of course, know no details about the movie, I can't see Joss Whedon taking anything from this other than the title. This series starts with no introduction (so I have no idea how the world got into the state it's in), and quickly brings up time travel to explain things, and then they get to have universe number #345 so they can have another variant take on their favourite heroes, and I had enough of that in the House of M story line!

The worst thing about this is this is written by Brian "Powers" Bendis, so I don't know what the hell happened here. Was he given a tight story outline and told to write to that? And then it all just leads into another big cross over story arc thing!

Unless you are super into Marvel and know exactly what the hell is going on, I'd say file this under 'don't read'.


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