Friday, 4 October 2013

BAHLS of Few-ree

Yeah, okay, this is never going to be the greatest movie of all time, but it is the number one comedy martial arts ping pong ball movie.

Randy Daytona is a retired ping pong player, but when the FBI needs someone to go undercover in a ping pong tournament and get into the base of the worst villain ever to be a fan of ping pong, there's only one person to call. And then he gets into the Chinese ping pong scene to train, but can a white man really survive? All this leads up to the greatest ping pong match against his childhood opponent ever...

Okay, so this is amusing, but not hilarious. They have jokes with no subtly, which kind of works, but often the joke is presented, then the movie pauses to let you enjoy it before moving on. But the main reason to watch this is, of course... Christopher Walken. Which, of course, immediately inspired some very Very VERY bad impersonations of Mr Walken. And James Hong is good too. As is Maggie Q. George Lopez is decent. And Dan Folger is also in this movie.

The DVD has some deleted scenes which... yep, were removed from the movie. There's a Behind the Scenes bit, in which the crew tries to be funny, and a small bit about the Ball Wrangler... and it remains as subtle as the rest of the movie.

I wanted to see this movie because I liked the trailer... just watch the trailer, and that's enough really.


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