Sunday, 20 October 2013


Hey, you liked Men in Black, right? Well, how about a remake of that with dead guys instead of aliens!

Nick is... well, not a good cop, but a not crap cop, so when he dies he's enrolled as an MIB... I mean, a member of Rest In Peace Department, with partner Roy. And, as it typical with these sorts of movies, immediately gets involved in dealing with his killer as part of his first 'case'. And, as is also typical with these sorts of movies, the big bad is something really big so they can be all important and save the world, etc.

Yeah, it's not at all innovative. I hope the comic is a lot better, but this feels very smoothed out to appeal to the masses. Where it needs to impress most is in the creature effects... and they rely a little too much on CGI for it to be believable. And the comedy is not exactly on the high brow side either.

Ryan Reynolds is Nick, the naive one who nonetheless knows drive the story forward emotionally. Jeff Bridges is playing Roy, in cowboy mode turned up to 11, and often rather unintelligible with his speech. Kevin Bacon gets the bad guy role, but doesn't stretch himself for the part.

A by the numbers take on the idea. Could be better. Could be worse... but definitely could be better.


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