Sunday, 26 January 2014

I want to want to see this...

I like me some horror movies. And I find mirrors to be a fascinating source for horror, the basic idea being 'what if the image isn't a reflection but a gateway to something else?' And so I see the trailer for the upcoming Oculus movie....

Oh, it's got things I want to like about it. Mirrors and creepiness, check. Karen Gillan, check. What look to be strange movements in the mirrors, double check.

And yet... it's from the people who made Paranormal Activity and Insidious, so... it's going to be a long slow build with an unsatisfying pay off? And it's going to be set up to be an ongoing franchise? (And the poem sucks too.)

And if all they are going to do is "something creepy comes out of the mirror to stalk and kill them all", colour me bored.

You can do great things with mirrors and horror... but I doubt they know how to.


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