Sunday, 2 February 2014

Huanting at Sliver Flals

Oh boy, I knew I wasn't going to be in for a good movie, but I wasn't expecting this to be this dumb. And this is another "true story", which I'm guessing is "two girls died" and they took it from there.

A girl whose parents died moves in with her aunt and creepy uncle. She goes with her boyfriend to Silver Falls and finds out about some deaths in the area, and that there are ghosts around, and then, after picking up a ring and putting it on, starts seeing one. She tries to hide it, but the ghost is annoying and people think she's going crazy. Until they find out about the ghost, and that's totally happened before. The ghost wants something, which is, of course, their actual killer, and that turns out to be... of the dumbest plot twists ever. Seriously. I watch a lot of stupid movies, hoping to find a good one, but in the last twenty minutes, this goes completely over the edge. All of a sudden we get revelations that have not been hinted at, and it's only because everyone is idiots that the "good guys" win. Frankly, having a new character turn up that was never in the movie before would have been more believable.

We do have Steve Bacic (from Andromeda) and Erick Avari, but Steve is the creepy uncle and Erick isn't in this movie enough to save it. The ghost effects are basically costume... although there is one scene where they didn't match the two images they were using properly, and you can see the square of the other image, which is a different colour, moving through the main image.

This isn't even a 'good bad' movie, it's just stupid. Ignore.


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