Monday, 3 February 2014

Poiseidon Dreck

Oh look, yet another 'sea monster let loose to wreck havoc' movie. Because we haven't had enough of those.

In this case, a stupid treasure hunter decides to blast his way into a trove, and lets loose this latest CGI creature. Said creature only takes out stragglers, and so a large part of this movie is then dedicated to a Jamaican (?) drug (?) lord (?) who is paying for the treasure hunter and sends various goons to kill him, all of whom are taken out by the CGI thing. There's the obligatory running around being chased until finally the military actually achieves something in taking it down... leaving only the obvious sequel bait.

We are certainly not talking big budgets here. The army crew consists of four people in a dark room and stock footage. The populated island has about ten people on it. And the CGI... the guns are all fired with adding white bursts to the end, and as for the creature... at one point it is standing on a river, and I do mean ON the river. Interaction is an afterthought.

But at least the acting matches, with nothing to draw the audience's attention (even the sex scene felt extremely forced and fortunately we cut away before we see anything actually happen... and surprisingly the women keep their tops on, brief as they may be!). And it's clear why Anne McDaniels was cast... her brown/black eyes are very notable!

Even more generic low budget monster movies, this isn't a good one.


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