Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Freedom Farce

Okay... what? This movie... what?

The bad guy, because... science?, mixes up the stories of Jules Verne, so kids are sent into his stories to fix them up... what? Was this a TV series that was cannibalised into a movie? Was this a random collection of ideas that only got made because someone had far too much money? I don't... They got Sarah Michelle Gellar and Christopher Lloyd!

This is CGI animated... really, really badly. It's like they were wanting to make it puppets (a la Supermarionation) but did so in CG, and with way more hand animations. It just look terrible. And they barely got the mouth animation to work, in that the holes open and close as words are said, but that's about as synced as it gets.

And why pick on Jules Verne? How many people know his works in that level of detail to get the references they were making? Was it Jules Verne appreciation month and no-one told me? And was Jules Verne known for his humour, 'cos this movie won't be.

This looks to be a translated French animated movie production... but it doesn't reflect well on them.


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