Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Reign of Winter

Right, where were we? Oh, that's right, we're going to fight a dragon. Because that's always a good idea. And we spend a lot of time planning and preparing magic spells and... then we just fly up and attack it pretty much head on. Oh yeah, we the smart ones.

And, annoyingly, it flies around. Surprise, surprise, the dragon flies. Actually, the dragon isn't that large, more or less a medium size creature, but a big medium. It still manages to wreck us a fair bit with ice breath. And it gets five melee attacks a round when it's close! We got protection from cold, but not protection from teeth and claws. I end up nearly dead! Well, nearly unconscious.

Eventually, with a great swipe from me, I part its head from the rest of its body... which falls down splat to the ground. I'm sure that didn't away anything at all about our presence... that wasn't already given away. We want to get out of here, rather than right trolls (bah, we could take them), but need to look for a prisoner... whom we find on the next level. Sweet! Then we pop out a ladder and book it out of there.

(And don't at all encounter the basic troll fight, and the witch, and fail to help the children there... go us!)

We need to get our breath back, but then... on to the hut!


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