Friday, 21 March 2014

Puffin' "Stuff"

This is one of those movies where you put it down gently, and back away slowly, not making eye contact.

The kid is kicked out of band and then realises his flute can talk to him. Rather than realise this is an obvious psychotic break, he gets on a talking boat, deals with a witch and is saved by a dragon, who is the mayor of Living Island. The witch really wants the flute, and successfully steals it, only to have it stolen back. Then in the second episode... I mean second half of the movie, she kidnaps everyone else and has a witch convention and Jimmy must get everyone free of the castle. By adopting a series of rather well costumed disguises. That kid's got talent! Fortunately everything works out as the witch blows herself up.

While I'm sure everyone involved was working hard, this is one of those times when you start to wonder what large quantities of drugs were involved in the production. I saw this as a kid, didn't make much sense of it then... and it's not much better know I can follow it. This was a film created at the same time as the H R Pufnstuf series, and serves as a pilot to set everything up (I'm not sure it was intended as such, but it is a good introduction). Aside from Jimmy and the witches, everyone else is wearing costumes that... could look more convincing, especially the main character of Pufnstuf.

This is one of those 'I can't believe what I just saw' movies... and it's probably better left in the mists of time.


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