Thursday, 20 March 2014

Touring Weta

I did it! I took the plunge at did one of them Window into Workshop tours at Weta! It's $20 for a 45 minute tour (so a bit more expensive than one of their movies)... but it's a lot of fun.

However one definite restriction is that you can't take photos... hence I don't have any photos to show. But I can talk about it... only, not really. What I will say won't shock anyone, so I should be safe (he says, before the lawyers are unleashed).

Anyway, we start with some details on how they make models. Did you say 'make a 3d model which they make other models from?' I bet you did, because that's what every effects studio does, and certainly nothing you wouldn't have seen on any behind the scenes documentary.

Our guide also talked about how they use light weight versions for weapons and even lighter stuff for the main filming when people are being hit. (Again, to be honest, this shouldn't surprise you.) Despite the 'no touching' policy, I did get to handle a weapon. Even light weight, there is some definite heft to it and could still do some damage.

We got a close up look at the Warthog they made as part of their Landfall special. Full working craft and everything. We were told about the swords, and if you want one made you have to wait a while, and saw one of their CNC milling machines in action.

Lastly, we saw some creators in progress, and (sshh... this is a secret...) I got to see one of the trees being made for the upcoming Thuderbirds tv series reboot. Oooh!

Quite enjoyed it, and worth going on if you can get there when it isn't overwhelmed by crowds. And, of course, there are many extra things you get to see I'm not talking about... There are a lot of props decorating the place, and nice artwork and other stuff.


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