Friday, 9 May 2014

Ded in Tomston

Danny Trejo, Anthony Michael Hall, Mickey Rourke... what could go wrong? Well, this movie for starters...

The plot is rather solid, albeit simple. The Blackwater gang rolls into town, robs a bank, then the actual main bad guy shots the not so bad guy... and then the not so bad guy is sent back by the devil to kill all the others. And slowly, he does. I could see basing a mod on this idea...

The problem lies in the execution. The director is Roel Reine, whose CV looks to be mainly making sequels no-one asked for. (There's a Scorpion King 3????) And his style seems to be cut, cut, cut, then sloooow moootioooon at really odd moments with really odd shots. Getting on a horse isn't that impressive, no matter how flaring out the coat. And when done in the middle of an action sequence it's quite annoying.

The actors are giving command performances, although the actual dialogue doesn't stand up to much. There's more focus on bloodpacks that words, although Mickey Rourke nearly deals to both with his scenery chewing (that said, I do like him as the devil, quite amusing).

Given to a different director, this would have been a proper mediocre movie.


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