Thursday, 8 May 2014

The Ferric Bigman

I dunno... I read the original novel, I'm not sure about this adaptation... something about it seems carefully crafted to be too formulaic...

A metal man comes to earth and befriends a kid who adopts pets. Unfortunately, the army is Evil and want to smash the giant up... and that's about it. Either the kid is going 'aww' with the giant, or the army guy is going 'arrgh!' At least in the book something more happened that "evil thing might not be evil!", which is the entire point of the movie.

People go on about the ending, where Giant saves the day, and how it is a tear jerker... but it's obvious what's going to happen! Even more obvious that they undo it all with the next scene! This is what I mean by formulaic. Of course there's a beat where the Giant appears to be a monster. Of course he's redeemed by the kid. Of course he is going to save the day. Tick, tick, tick all the boxes.

Once again, yes I am jaded and cynical. It's all right, but I'm not amazed or moved.


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