Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Jack is Whack

He's back! With Season 9! And people were already saying that the series downward spiralled after season 5, so that's good. This is a twelve episode run, although it's still going to cover 24 hours, so maybe they'll actually get some sleep for a change?

Actually this is a rather slow start. Only one notable explosion, and hardly anyone gets killed. What's up with that? Yes, there are national level catastrophes happening, but... I have to say, this show is feeling small. Cramped? Possibly we are spending too much time indoors with only a few people for long periods, but there is the impression of not much happening.

Still, we do get some new faces... and now it's simply a matter of waiting to see who in the CIA will turn out to be a traitor. Even with only twelve episodes, someone will be. Odds are on Yvonne, as she has the action chops, but they did the main female lead being a traitor last time (Starbuck). And yes, Stephen Fry was indeed the British Prime Minster, although not a large role (televisually speaking).

Of course, I will watch more. Although my usual 24 route is to get the DVD then binge watch so this will be a different experience. Still, only ten more episodes to go, we'll see how this turns out...


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