Monday, 9 June 2014

Ded See

I admit I watch a lot of rubbish, but this was way down there. And not circling around to be good, this is just straight garbage.

In 1983 a guy sacrifices himself to something in the lake. Thirty years later, that something comes back and kills fish and the odd tourist... and if that tourist escapes, then they are captured and sent back... I think. The movie isn't entirely clear. But then, the movie isn't entirely clear about anything. Why are the towns people so psychos? What is the point of many of the characters, even the 'heroes'? There's a lot of running around, and then... they stop running around. And lives are sacrificed so that lives can be sacrificed... there's a whole lot that, as I said, is entirely pointless.

And the production is terrible. You've seen some badly shot shoddily camera footage of sneakily captured theatre film screenings? Now, imagine that the film is shot like that deliberately. (Or possibly, accidentally, I wouldn't put it past them.) And I don't know if it's just the version I saw, but the sound was awful. I'm not sure the actors were miked half the time, and even then the foreground music drowned out everything anyway. And the actors all seemed like friends of the director rather than actual actors.

Just no. I'm sure you have never heard of this movie, and it's obvious why, and continue to remain oblivious.


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