Monday, 30 June 2014

Hotel Infer-NO!

Okay, let's try a recent horror movie... oh my gods, the horror!

Frank is a hitman for hire, and hired to kill two people in a hotel, rather ritualistically. Only he baulks at the important moment and the hotel becomes an outcropping of hell... as you do. And then he spends the rest of the movie running around hotel corridors and random locations and trying to escape, and at the end the big beastie comes stomping and... I don't know...

Seriously, this is legit terrible. I could understand this more if someone told me that this was created to demonstrate various special effects techniques. There are many head splats and gushes, and every single one is obvious. As are all the other practical effects. There's lots of horror make up, and then we have some clearly slapped on the image CGI effects. And I don't know what hotel gave them permission to film here, but I hope they were handsomely paid.

One of the main gimmicks of this is that it is first person, so we are seeing out of Frank's eyes, but then with the number of swish pans to give cuts and lighting changes, it's clear when the shot changes. Another gimmick is that every voice was dubbed on afterwards, and the only people we see on screen talking are talking gibberish... (but maybe this was made in another country and the language was changed for release?).

Either which way, there's no reason to watch this. This is amazingly rubbish, and even as a demo reel it has problems.


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