Sunday, 29 June 2014

The Italian Trip

I enjoyed The Trip, so of course I wanted to see the second season, in which "Steve Coogan" and "Rob Brydon" go to Italy. I use the quotes because they are playing versions of themselves, although I suspect that those versions aren't that far from their real selves. There is a movie version, but I watched the full TV episode version.

In this trip, they spend six days in Italy, going to six different restaurants. We get to see the chefs preparing the meals, and we also find out the bill. And we also get Steve and Rob having larks, putting on many, many, many impersonations, and travelling around having a go at each other. There is a bit of a through line with Steve and his son, and Rob and someone he hooks up with, which they revisit over the episodes,

And, to be honest... there's a bit too much impersonating going on. Between that and the meals, there isn't a lot of meat left in the series. Yeah, it's fun, but you better be able to put up with them putting on an act. Many times Steve was looking bored with the whole thing, and I'm not sure that was too far of an act either.

Enjoyable, but let's not overdo it, eh lads?


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