Tuesday, 1 July 2014


Since I'm home sick, let's burn through some fever... some bad vampire fever!

In one movie Blade is going around, kicking lots of vampire ass, and putting up with Kris Kristopherson. In another movie, Frost is going around, kicking lots of vampire ass, and putting up with Donal Logue. Well, maybe not a lot of vampire ass in Frost's case, but he is certainly responsible for his fair share of vampire deaths. Between them, they come to blows when Frost needs Blade for a prophecy... and Blade rather easily goes down to Frost's whims. Fortunately, Karen can kick more ass than either of them, and is the only reason this movie ends with yet more fight scenes and CGI effects.

Yeah, okay, let's go with Karen being the hero. It's pretty much all her as to why Blade succeeds, and gets new weapons, and has a chance at a real life, so she's the most important part of the movie. Let's see if she's even mentioned in the second movie! (I can't remember, while find out shortly.)

Wesley Snipes gets to do a lot of fighting, but a lot of fighting is just a fist punch snapped up into a face. Yeah, he's supposed to be stronger and stuff, but biology and physics don't work that way. Stephen Dorff is just going over the top, and that's clearly the only way he can think of to play it. N'Bushe Wright is, as I said, the star, and acts decently too. And I could easily never see Kris Kristopherson in any movie ever again...

So, not a lot of plot, but we are talking 90s action movie based on a comic...


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