Sunday, 15 June 2014

Ninjoes vs Hampires

This movie wishes it was good enough to be a student film!

It turns out there are Vampires! And Ninjas! And by "vampires", I mean people who thing dressing up goth is proper vampire cosplay. And by "ninjas" I mean white dudes who are as Japanese as my middle finger. And this movie is a back and forth of people whining about wanting to be in power and trying to stop the others and OH GODS THIS IS TERRIBLE!

By acting, they just got people that could at least remember lines, and that seems to be their major casting criteria. The effects are awful, extremely bad CGI. And the fight scenes... are actually fairly well choreographed. There are one or two good moments, usually non-speaking parts because I can't believe anyone would willing say that dialogue. Certainly I don't believe any of them.

I can get this is a passion project that someone wanted to make, but there's no reason for anyone to watch it.


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