Friday, 27 June 2014

Transfourmers: Age of Exasperation

Just when you thought this was over, it goes on... and just when you wish it would end, it goes on... and then it goes on more!

In the first scene we are introduced to the hot teenagers, which a number of male characters point out. Then we have a scene of Prime and humans running away. Then we have a scene of a guy in a building. Then we have a scene in China. And then...

Yeah, this movie felt extremely disconnected, going from one scene to another because that's where they decided the next part of the plot was. By the end, I just wanted to stand up and scream "I DON'T CARE!", because I felt aggressively 'meh' towards the end.

There's lot of spectacle... not interesting spectacle, but an explosion of CGI all over the place. And expect a lot of orange, there are burst of orange every three seconds. And, again, a large mesh of mechanical beings fighting each other and confusing the screen and... ugh.

Mark Wahlberg is playing in his standard 'earnest' mode, and has just that one expression the entire movie. Stanley Tucci is the only one looking to have fun, so I liked his scenes. Sophia Miles gets to be on screen, and Nicola Peltz is there to be the hot totty and get into trouble and scream, because that's what women do, amirite?

No doubt this will continue to make tons of money, but the only way I'll enjoy it again is when it gets Rifftrax'd.


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