Saturday, 28 June 2014


Another William Castle picture, another Vincent Price picture, another shock horror flick!

A doctor has a wacky thought that fear is an actual thing, and goes out of his way to scare others and himself to find out more about it. But his dreams are thwarted when screaming kills the creature, and he can't help but scream. Fortunately, he meets a man and his deaf/mute wife, and this seems tailor made! When the wife dies because of terror, at last he can get his hands on... The Tingler! But it gets away from him into the movie theatre, and SCREAM SCREAM NOW!

The gimmick is that it escapes into the actual theatre in which people are watching it, and buzzers in chairs help generate a reaction... less impressive when watching it on video. And when you can see the creature for the large wobbling rubber creature that it is. (There is something oddly familiar about it, but if the design is used elsewhere I can't place it.)

A rather impressive moment in this black and white film is a momentary colour sequence. We also have decent performances from Vincent Price himself (although he doesn't get to do anything too amazing) and others in this rather small cast.

A quiet character piece of a film, more known for the artifice around it than the movie itself.


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