Sunday, 3 August 2014

Dior and I

Want to hear a tale of working at a fashion house? Hear the story of Dior and I.

Raf Simons joins the house of Dior as creative director, and must make a new collection in eight opposed to the usual four or five months. We follow the quick development of dresses and suits and how it all comes together. And the final presentation midst flowers is just ostentatious. Scattered throughout is quotes from Dior's actual memoir, picked to rhyme nicely with what Raf is experiencing at the time.

This is another documentary of people at work, not talking heads... well, a few pointed questions are answered, but mostly it is just people getting on with it. The story is laid out well, although, as ever with these things, I suspect more emphasis was placed on what little clashes there were than they really deserved.

They were some nice clothes... I guess... and a nicely contained wee tale of events at a fashion house.


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