Saturday, 2 August 2014

Gexeraxion X

Oh, I remember watching this a long time ago... well, it was made in 1996. And boy howdy, it shows!

We start with seeing Jubilee and Skin joining the Xavier School for Mutants... which seems to comprise of only two teachers, Emma Frost and Sean Cassidy, and four other students... and none of them are big names that I recognised (and two were made up for the film anyway!) And in the other plot, Matt Frewer is incredibly over acting as mad scientist Russel Tresh, who has a machine that allows him to enter dreams. Fortunately, there's one also stashed away at Xavier's school, so the two plots can get together. After "antics" they finally all get together for a fight which is not worth the wait (and definitely not worth the effects budget they didn't spend). Huzzah, careers for everyone!

There was one word that kept coming to mind, and it is quite 90s too. "Lame". And this was so very lame. The acting, the clothes, the plot... and the camera angles. Seriously, way too many dutch angles in this, like with every single damn shot! No, stop that! It's not arty, it's just annoying.

Hardly surprising this tv pilot didn't make it to a series.

Here, watch it for yourself.


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