Sunday, 15 February 2015

Click the Cookies!

Yes, I'm talking about the basic of games... Cookie Clicker!

This is a basic game where you click on a cookie... and that's it! Which is really boiling the game mechanics down to the basics. There are upgrades you can get, Grannies, Farms, Mines, etc. which create cookies for you so you don't need to. And you can upgrade them.

The point with them is that they get more cookies on an exponential scale, so get the next level up and make the current level really pointless. But you can spend money on them! And there are achievements! Lots of them.

What happens is that you get to a point where you have to leave it running for hours to get the cookie for the next upgrade. Or you can start over. That's totally a possibility, and you need to to get some of the special drops to happen. And to get an interesting story line.

But that's where I am. Leaving my computer running for hours on end. Because it won't run unless I'm running it! That's annoying.

Otherwise... yeah, I'm clicking cookies...


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