Saturday, 14 February 2015


People describe this as MIB as done by the Brits. Certainly that was the impression from the trailers, but nope, it's fairly distinct. Although I was unfortunately reminded of The Avengers (no, not the superhero team up).

The Kingsmen are a super secret organisation getting stuck into around the world adventures (although they mainly seem to be in Britain). One of their number is killed by a wacky American mad man (who reminded of Sir August de Wynter), and so another one needs to be brought in. Enter Eggsy, who goes through training along with other potentials in a series of madcap adventures. Meanwhile, mad man is still man, and people are still getting killed, but only a handful of Kingsmen can save the day.

And yes, there are Kingswomen as well. Well, one. I have no idea how balanced the comic was, I haven't read that.

There's some decent acting here (although I didn't recognise Mark Hamill, shame on me). And some cool action sequences. But... it felt like it was set up that way, that it didn't flow that way organically in the story. Yes, this is a movie and that happens, but the sequences felt more like "all right, we're up to an action sequencer, sweet, now we can go all out!" Ultimately it all felt rather... hollow.

So, yeah, a fun way to spend two hours, but not one to sustain yourself on.



evildicemonkey said...

I also did not recognise him, but I did spend most of the film playing "Which Brit is that?"

Jamas Enright said...

Yep, there was that too.