Friday, 6 February 2015


Hey, it's a horror thriller, those always work well, right?

Jessie is out, with her new husband (I think? Might be boyfriend, it doesn't matter because) when he dies and the baby she was carrying doesn't make it. She can't walk, so moves in with her father. However, there are strange things in the old house, and weird things start happening to her, getting worse as she finds video tapes her mother left her, which are not the most stable of watching. Things build up until things are finally made right.

I was following along for a while, coming with ideas as to what is going on. And then we get to the ending, with sudden exposition and revelation and it starts getting to be a bit of a mess. And the resolution to everything is the sort of thing that happens because this is a one-off movie story that will never had to deal with those characters ever again.

Sarah Snook gets the majority of the acting, and she does a decent job. Fortunately, she gets practical effects to act against, which always helps. (The thriller gets more psychological than surreal.) Mark Webber gets a supporting role, but his character is largely one note.

The ending makes this rather disappointing, but overall it's all right.


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