Friday, 13 February 2015


Whether it's horses or cars or... in this case motorcycles, the story is just as generic.

Dudebro comes back to town after leaving because of trouble, making his girlfriend mad at him. But he returns, and the girlfriend basically forgives him because movies. But he is still is trouble with Bad Guys, and is set up with Black Gang, so then they are on the run to prove his innocence. And everything comes together with a lot of racing and... well, the director otherwise shot music videos, and it kinda shows.

Everything is shot stylistically with emphasis on 'cool' shots that don't actually help tell the story. As despite this being on motorcycles with blurry scenery, I never really got the sense of speed and fast movement. Odd that. This movie was intentionally shot without regards to actual physics, but tension and engagement were also lost for me.

Martin Henderson... just reminded me of his local roots. And Ice Cube was not exactly breaking a mould with his character either. Monet Mazur is clearly a favourite for the director's camera, and will someone please give Jaime Pressly some lines?

People have mentioned this movie, in particular a certain bike fight, but it's not standing out as something to spend your time on for me.


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