Thursday, 12 February 2015

This week in TV

There's a lot of TV genre shows being screened at the moment. Just imagine being able to access it all... or having time to watch it all! The ones on this week, mainly in the US, I'm interested are as following. (The success rate of NZ showing them is a... little less than 100%.)

Scorpion: Fits into 'crime of the week with added socially awkward people'.
Forever: Yeah, I'm watching this still.
Sleepy Hollow: This is getting a little desperate to be related to the SH concept.
Gotham: This wants to be the Penguin show so bad... but it's not. And I would like it less if it was.
Guy's Grocery Games: Fun competition cooking show. Getting less interested in it now.
Daily Show: A news show you can trust.
Nightly Show: A panel show you can trust.
Flash: Decent if light.
Agent Carter: I'm not sure where this is going. It's a nice ride, but hopefully something more will come out of it.
Supernatural: This is a strong show after the first few seasons, if getting rather undirected now.
Arrow: Decent if dark.
The Mentalist: Now in the last season, and about to end... which is probably should have done a season or two earlier.
Big Bang Theory: Yes, this is 'nerdface', but I'm still watching it anyway. Why?
Elementary: They're trying to mix the formula up, but I'm not sure it's working.
Constantine: Still suffering from being in the first season, not stable enough for a second.
Top Gear: I like more for the idiots and what they do, than the cars.
Last Week Tonight: Another news show you can trust.

And there are plenty of other shows on, just not of interest to me.


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