Thursday, 19 March 2015


Yes, this is another bad movie... not as nearly as bad as yesterday's things, but still this isn't great.

A guy is invested in what happened to his grandfather, who was a commander on a submarine that something mysterious happened to. Finally he gets his chance to get aboard the boat with some others, and weird things happen... and they find themselves crewing the ghost sub back in 1943, but that's all right because they all also happen to know entirely how to run a sub, so phew. And also fortunately, this was all preordained to happen, the navy knew all about it, and will deny it ever happened, and let's ignore the fact that some people died.

At least, that's what I think happened. One big problem this movie has isn't that the lead has a low gruff hard to hear voice... it's that the lead who has a low gruff hard to hear voice, and everyone else's voices, are all buried beneath the sound track so you can't hear anything at all except the music the director was clearly proud to have gotten and so wanted to make sure we all heard.

This made me think of The Philadelphia Experiment, which I think this was trying to be. Only it failed very hard.


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