Friday, 24 April 2015

Wonder Woman?????

Oh gods... look at what we could have had in 1967.

What the hell was that? What we have here is the worse depiction of Wonder Woman that we are lucky to have evidence that we dodged. What's up with that timing of lines? ("All that... (leave space for lightning strike that doesn't happen) noise.") And Diana is a clutz? And has a harridan mother?

And that costume? The hell? And what's with all the "she thinks she has the beauty of Aphrodite"? And then the actors can't even do the mirror scene properly. That's acting 101! Was this the first take with no rehearsals?

Still, I will give them they did the wire work nicely, with her climbing out first. (Although the quality helps there... although that sound effect doesn't.)

Come back Adrianne Palicki, all is forgiven!


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