Monday, 11 May 2015


Oh SyFy... when I saw that, I went "of course". This matches the kind of 'quickly churned out' product that they consume rapidly.

Take The Day After Tomorrow and scale it down to... a town. And half the running time (which is a bonus over that movie). A meteorite turns up, breaks in half, and one half causes ice to appear everywhere, flash freezing lots of places into CGI frozen-ness. After being whittled down to a few, the main cast find that the other half is the magical balancing side, and thus all that's needed it to bring them together to solve everything.

It looks like a lot of these actors have appeared in a fair few things, so they are working a lot. So this probably just fits in as 'another job for a while' without being anything special. And while they are competent performances, no-one stands out. The production itself... has a lot of CGI snow and ice, so yeah.

Another disposable movie.


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