Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Ded Selence

Hey, it's a horror movie from James Wan, never seen that before. This one is about a puppet... no, not that one, although it is also called Billy.

A couple get a surprise puppet in the mail, and it's no surprise what happens next, the woman gets killed. Because of course she does. The guy wants to know what's going on and traces the puppet back to his home town, and there to the story of Mary Shaw and her dolls. And from there it's the inevitable downing of characters until the bitter end.

So this is nearly a good movie. The main horror gimmick, aside from the puppet, is that sound fades away until all you hear is your own breathing. That deadened sounds makes for a great atmosphere (and reinforces my point about not needing a music track to make a film good), however that's about the extent of it. Otherwise, it's any creepy horror with frighting killer that you care to name.

Probably the most notable actor involved in this is Donnie Wahlberg, although not playing Eric Matthews. Ryan Kwanten gives a good performance as Jamie, and Michael Fairman and Bob Gunton turn in nice roles, although Michael should have had a lot more screen time. The puppets just aren't that creepy to me, and the killer figure gets a bit more creepy in the Unrated version, but otherwise isn't anything much.

Not a terrible entry, but nothing to stand out either.