Sunday, 12 July 2015


Another game, this one quick and cheap, Hook.

Think of a game of pick up sticks, you need to pull the top piece off first before trying to move any of the others. This game is a lot like that, you push the button and the pieces connected to them try to retract, and if any are blocked, you reset. (Fortunately, in the later levels, you get three 'lives' before it resets.)

There are 50 levels, and there are some basic variant mechanics in what items are connected, and it's fairly easy to get through. The hardest part is trying to work out which piece should be next and how to trigger it without setting anything else off.

And a bonus is that it is cheap. Only a US$1. Given it is just 50 levels, that's more than fair, and I'm happy to pay that. That does mean it is sort of short and I could do with some more to try out (bonus extensions in the future maybe?). On the other hand, it's a game that can be completed without drawing it out over many sessions.

I like it, give it a go.


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