Monday, 13 July 2015

The Asetmask

It's never good when a movie comes out under different titles, and this one has three of them!

An old abandoned asylum is brought up by the church and is to be renovated, but while it is somewhat of a ruin, PARTY TIME! And the remaining party members decide it's a good thing to try a trick that ends up with a demon possessing a kid... yeah, it's 0 to 60 with this movie. Then they murder a priest, but no-one can go to the cops, and slowly they stupidly die.

Yeah, not a great movie, however... it feels like this was very close to being satire, in the style of Evil Dead. However, the movie takes itself far too seriously, so it's like half of the crew was for the satire, and the other half for full on horror, and they just mix the result into a mess.

As a result, this movie is nothing special.


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