Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Billy Liar

I wasn't sure I would like this movie, but I was willing to give it a go. (There are some movies coming up that just do not interest me at all.) This is Billy Liar.

Billy has dreams, he has aspirations, he's the prime minister of his own country... which means he's a layabout. As a young man he does has a job, but not one he takes seriously. He also has a girl on his arm. And another girl on another arm. And maybe a third arm or more? He thinks he's got his big chance writing for a big time comedian, and so we're with him on the day when he finally decides to pack in his old job, and move to London with one of his girls. Only, will it go his way?

Billy isn't presented as a hero, but not really an anti-hero either. Just someone with ideas, but not the actual talent to really pull it off. He's somewhat relateable, but mostly just a screw up, and we get to watch that unfold on screen. Which isn't that exciting. Yeah, I was right in that this movie wasn't really for me. Since I wasn't that attached to Billy, while I did kind of want him to succeed, I can't say I was that surprised when he didn't.

There are other movies for me.


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