Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Hot Girls Wanted

This was screened at the film festival... not sure how many people owned up to seeing it. It's a documentary that talks to young women go into amateur porn, and does not feature sex.

There are two main girls this documentary follows, with some others thrown into the mix. Rachel and Tressa are the two we are largely following. The focus of this documentary is on the amateur porn scene in Miami, and how there is a huge turn over of young girls. This movie follows the acceptable narrative of the young women who go into porn for cash and to escape their parents, only to regret it, and eventually go back home. Because that's the only one that movies can show. (Where's the documentary about the big stars in the industry?)

As this has a narrow focus, it's not that surprising, and the movie is really pushing for "this is a bad thing and everyone wants out once they are in". So much for progressive documentary, but this is mainstream press.

Do I sound negative? It's because this isn't the most unbiased documentary (which makes it like every other documentary), and there are plenty of better stories than this.


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