Monday, 17 August 2015

Justice League Guds and Munsters

Ah,another DC animated movie. And, as ever, it’s pretty good!

What is Superman was partially sired by Zod and raised by Mexican refugees? What is Batman was a vampire? What if Wonder Woman was a bitch? From this beginning, this movie tells a tale of the three of them being seen as gods, and then portrayed as monsters. But who is the truly monstrous one?

As this is an Elseworlds story, yep, you can expect a lot of death, and this movie has that of well known characters in spades. This is a decent story, but it does share the common problem of other DC animated videos in that it takes over half the story just on set up. And then the second half is a big fight. The specifics may change, but that’s the basic template they are working with.

Still, it’s an enjoyable story, and worth watching.


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