Sunday, 16 August 2015


Just to show it’s not just Americans making knock off horror rubbish, we get this entry from Eastern Europe, that bastion of common sense.

A group of three American film makers come to Outofthewayiva to film a thing about some old cannibalism, but are trapped when one of their guides does a runner (or so it seems). Clearly, they decide to summon a spirit, and call forth an old cannibal spirit that starts to mess with them. And then leave dead cats around. Slowly they get stalked and picked off one by one because one must Trope and Trope Hard!

There’s just nothing new here. Yes, okay, we get the ‘foreign cultural’ basis, but other than that this could be placed anywhere and just be another generic ‘found footage in the woods’ movie. Which it is.

Nothing here to see, move along.


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