Friday, 11 September 2015

Oringe is the New Block

A lot of people have gone on about this, so I had this hanging around for a while to watch… and finally got around to it!

Piper has an exciting and goes to jail because of stupid things she did while younger (although in her flashbacks she doesn’t look any younger). And so begins an anthology series about women in prison. Every week is a look back at a different inmate to see how they got there…

At least, that’s what season one felt like, and I wasn’t enthralled by that aspect. I’ve had enough of series that feel the need to pad out events by having flashbacks because they either can’t explain the story in the present day, or because there is not enough going on in the present day to sustain the episode. I got to the point of just skimming over the flashbacks because they all felt so generic ‘hard done by’, ‘led through the wrong path’, ‘wrong place wrong time’, could be any pre-prison story.

Although the present day stories were more interesting, so in the end the first season got me enough that yep, I want to watch the second season. Oh, and I agree that Piper is a self-centered bitch. While I do applaud her standing up for herself at times, at others you can see how she is just using people and have no sympathy for her.

Well done that show.


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