Thursday, 10 September 2015

Yeah, I went there

Recently, Jim Stirling did an episode of his Jimquisition in which he talks about the pre-order incentives of the latest Deus Ex game. To be honest, this isn't the first time something like this happened, with unlocks occurring as people pre-order (Tomb Raider did that), but this one has 'you can only get some items', which might upset collectors. Me, I just wait for the Game of the Year edition to go on sale, and then never get around to playing it.

But there is something in particular at the end he talks about.

I can't think of another entertainment medium that trades itself so much on trust, on faith, on promises, while being so demonstrably untrustworthy, while being so proven to be capable of lying and manipulating
Jim says he can't think of anything... and yet something occurred to me immediately. And probably to Jim too, but he deferred going there, because it isn't an 'entertainment medium', which is debatable... but there I am.

Religion is the biggest pre-order business of the lot. Only we never get to see the payout, and the company continually collects money based on promises. Consider this an excuse for religion and church bashing as you will, but the analogy works too well.


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