Thursday, 21 January 2016


This film could have been so good, a philosophical exploration of who should die, etc… but no.

A group of people wake up in a room, positioned in a large circle. Every few minutes, one of them dies, and they realise their actions are picking who dies. They reason only one will live, and so begins the discussion and the pleading for working out who lives and who dies. Why is this happening? Aliens. No really, that’s the answer. Why? Aliens. What point? Aliens. What do they want? Aliens.

So, this could have been good. They talk about killing people off to work out why this is happening, but then they just end up whinging that they personally shouldn’t die. There is a kid and a pregnant woman, and fortunately the movie does quickly get on the fact that one of them will be the survivor, so that’s decent lamp shading. But the ultimate reason… there is none!

And that’s where this movie could have been brilliantly subversive. I had an ending in mind, thought of before the movie was half over, that would have been a great twist. They’re aliens, find, so they have the technology for this. And they have the tech to kill people… at least, make them seem dead. And then at the end… surprise, you were on Alien Reality TV and no-one is really dead! LOLs! That would have been hilarious.

Instead we get a not good horror movie with just one set, so it’s cheap in many ways.


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