Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Crooked House - Second Storey

Continuing with this series, we have the awkward middle child that neither sets things up, nor finishes them off. (There is a note dropped, but don't worry if you missed it, it gets pointed out in the recap next time.)

For this one, we have the more usual ghost, this one being a ghost wife. Back in the '30s, a couple announce their engagement at a smashing party, but one uninvited guest does not have their happiness in mind. The ghost wants to split the new couple, and leads the would-be wife into thinking unkind thoughts about her would-be husband.

We can spend a little more time on the story this time, and again it's the basic set up of a ghost about the place with a secret tied into the past of the house. The setting, although simple, is nice enough, and provides a good context for the ghost setting.

That said, it's not creepy at all, with the most unsettling thing is Mark Gatiss' acting.


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