Saturday, 26 March 2016

Starring 1st Trek

Yes, it's a new movie series, and I'm taking a break from the horror. The main reason I have a fondness for this movie is because of how I first saw it. It was way back in school, and there was a local screening at the nearby scouts hall so I had a hard floor and a large screen to enjoy.

That said, rewatching it now, ye gods it is slow. And I watch in double speed! The Enterprise goes into a large cloud, and shows off special effects, until the end in which it was Kirk's hairpiece all along. Or something like that.

To be honest, the best part about this movie are the character beats. Kirk getting the Enterprise back, and Decker calling him on it. Decker and Ilia. Kirk and Spock. Decker getting what he wants at the end. I did think Decker was joining the first movie to be a new cast member, but they really don't need him, and look how quickly he becomes ousted from his positions, first no longer captain, then no longer science officer, then no longer just a guy hanging out on the Enterprise.

People have pointed out that this is just a normal episode stretched out, and it feels like it. It feels more like the production team didn't really know how to do a movie, and so did this to see what they could get away with.

So, only great movies from here on, eh?


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