Saturday, 16 April 2016

Starring 4th Trek

The story started in the last two movies continues here, and everyone is having a whale of a time... I REGRET NOTHING!!!

A probe turns up on earth and starts evaporating the seas with special effects. The crew of the Enterprise, now on the Klingon ship which conveniently has a cloak for when they are back in time, go back in time to get some whales. Fortunately, there are two whales that need to be saved, and a marine biologist to go along with it, to grab and be brought back to the present day future. And comedy shenanigans ensue!

To be honest, the best parts of this movie are when they are engaging in actual drama. The worst parts are when they are doing comedy shtick, "nuclear wessels" and "double damn ass on you" etc. This movie is considered decent, and there are parts I'll agree with, but others drag it down. The comedy does, I will admit, give a wry smile, but nothing sticks with you like some of the more interesting moments involving the Federation, or Gillian and the whales.

Admittedly I can remember the comedy moments, but that was more cringe moments than other things. This rewatch of the movies is certainly giving me a different take here.


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Al said...

Although I don't always agree (ahem, Wrath of Khan) I'm really enjoying your look back over these films. I always thought Search for Spock was a decent entry and it's good to hear someone else defying that silly odd-numbered rule.