Sunday, 17 April 2016

Him is the one named Trinity

Since I have been listening to some Deadlands, I decided to actually watch some films that inspired the characters, the two Trinity movies, starting with this one.

A lazy man turns up in town, but is amazing with a gun. His brother happens to be sheriff, but largely because he accidentally shot the actual sheriff, and is waiting for his compatriots to pull off the planned crime. They team up to wait out time while there is a major with a ranch that wants the field occupied by some religious folk who have their own cattle. They are on the side of good more because the bad is in their way, and because of two pretty women.

This is rather enjoyable although not terribly deep. More specifically, it's a spaghetti western, and looks to be a classic of the genre. (This being one of the first I've seen.) Terence Hill is the main chap, and looks good. Bud Spencer is the brother, and is large and can apparently slap people down with one fist. There are a range of other characters, but this isn't the great novel, so superficial characterisation is fine, and I'm fine with that because this isn't trying to be deep.

Nice fun movie, worth checking out.


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