Monday, 18 April 2016

Him is the one whom they still call Trinity

It's the sequel, although there were other movies starring Terrance Hill and Bud Spencer, even one renamed with a Trinity title, although not an actual Trinity movie.

Bambino is forced to take Trinity under his wing and show him how to become a horse thief. They are really bad at it, helping a family with a broken wagon, and head into a town. There they pretend to be federal agents and get caught up with a local situation with arms dealers. Trinity basically tricks Bambino into helping, and there's a big fight.

This, in a way, feels like a movie made to capitalise on the success of the previous one. 'Hey, they are a great buddy couple, and they made money, let's pump out another one,' There are some fun moments, but less of them being criminals like the previous movie. And then at the end they ride off to help the family with the wagon again...

...which is when I realised what this movie was. It was a perfect example of an episode of Alias Smith and Jones! I wonder if that series ripped off this for an episode? It wouldn't surprise me.

Hmm... good movie, although the other one is better, and now I want to watch Alias Smith and Jones.


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